Hand-Object Contact Prediction via Motion-Based Pseudo-Labeling and Guided Progressive Label Correction


Every hand-object interaction begins with contact. Despite predicting the contact state between hands and objects is useful in understanding hand-object interactions, prior methods on hand-object analysis have assumed that the interacting hands and objects are known, and were not studied in detail. In this study, we introduce a video-based method for predicting contact between a hand and an object. Specifically, given a video and a pair of hand and object tracks, we predict a binary contact state (contact or no-contact) for each frame. However, annotating a large number of hand-object tracks and contact labels is costly. To overcome the difficulty, we propose a semi-supervised framework consisting of (i) automatic collection of training data with motion-based pseudo-labels and (ii) guided progressive label correction (gPLC), which corrects noisy pseudo-labels with a small amount of trusted data. We validated our framework’s effectiveness on a newly built benchmark dataset for hand-object contact prediction and showed superior performance against existing baseline methods.

Proceedings of British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC 2021)