Precise Affordance Annotation for Egocentric Action Video Datasets


Object affordance is an important concept in human-object interaction, providing information on action possibilities based on human motor capacity and objects’ physical property thus benefiting tasks such as action anticipation and robot imitation learning. However, existing datasets often: 1) mix up affordance with object functionality; 2) confuse affordance with goal-related action; and 3) ignore human motor capacity. This paper proposes an efficient annotation scheme to address these issues by combining goal-irrelevant motor actions and grasp types as affordance labels and introducing the concept of mechanical action to represent the action possibilities between two objects. We provide new annotations by applying this scheme to the EPIC-KITCHENS dataset and test our annotation with tasks such as affordance recognition. We qualitatively verify that models trained with our annotation can distinguish affordance and mechanical actions.

Proceedings of the Tenth International Workshop on Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing (EPIC 2022 at CVPR 2022, extended abstract)